Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Way Of The Bodhisattva 1.5-1.9

Chapter 1 The Excellence of Bodhichitta


As when a flash of lightning rends the night,
And in its glare shows all the dark black clouds had hid,
Likewise rarely, through the buddhas’ power,
Virtuous thoughts rise, brief and transient, in the


Thus behold the utter frailty of goodness!
Except for perfect bodhichitta,
There is nothing able to withstand
The great and overwhelming strength of evil.


The mighty buddhas, pondering for many ages,
Have seen that this, and only this, will save
The boundless multitudes,
And bring them easily to supreme joy.


Those who wish to overcome the sorrows of their lives,
And put to flight the pain and suffering of beings,
Those who wish to win such great beatitude,
Should never turn their back on bodhichitta


Should bodhichitta come to birth
In one who suffers in the dungeons of samsara,
In that instant he is called the buddhas’ heir,
Worshipful alike to gods and men.

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