Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Way Of The Bodhisattva 1.29 - 1.36


But those who fill with bliss
All beings destitute of joy,
Who cut all pain and suffering away
From those weighed down with misery,


Who drive away the darkness of their ignorance –
What virtue could be matched with theirs?
What friend could be compared to them?
What merit is there similar to this?


If they do some good, in thanks
For favors once received, are praised,
Why need we speak of bodhisattvas –
Those who freely benefit the world?


Those who, scornfully with condescension,
Give, just once, a single meal to others –
Feeding them for only half a day –
Are honored by the world as virtuous.


What need is there to speak of those
Who constantly bestow on boundless multitudes
The peerless joy of blissful buddhahood,
The ultimate fulfillment of their hopes?


And those who harbor evil in their minds
Against such lords of generosity, the Buddha’s heirs,
Will stay in hell, the Mighty One has said,
For ages equal to the moments of their malice.


By contrast, good and virtuous thoughts
Will yield abundant fruits in greater measure.
Even in adversity, the bodhisattvas
Never bring forth evil – only an increasing stream of


To them in whom this precious sacred mind
Is born – to them I bow!
I go for the refuge in that source of happiness
That brings its very enemies to perfect bliss.

 End of Chapter 1

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