Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Letting Go

met up with some fellow buddhists from on 31 aug for dinner and some sharing. Thusness provided us with some very useful lessons, which definitely helped us gained further insights in the practice.

of particular impression was the lesson on letting go. Thusness shared that letting go is something that is the most difficult thing for anyone to do. and the conditions that must be present before letting go can happen is pain and hurt that is beyond one's threshold. then the pain forces one to no longer be able to hold on anymore and there is letting go.

as u read this, probably the first thought that arises is 'yes this has happen before' or 'yea i know what its like'. truth is everyone at some point will experience pain, frustration and disappointment. and when such happens, it gets to a point that one can no longer stand the constant chattering of the mind telling the same story over and over and over again. then one just let go of these thoughts, and just these thoughts as always been. like bubbles formed when water is stirred, these thoughts are just part of mind. so is the pain, so is the pain.

ultimately, perhaps the biggest letting go we must all do is to let go of our-self. and it is possibly the only thing that we really must do, as it has always been just like this.

to probably give us a direction, maybe it lies in reliving the pain. allow the pain to arise and just observe, just notice. keep noticing, notice the thoughts telling their stories, notice the sensations, just notice. with the right conditions, there can certainly be a breakthrough.

only then the real journey begins.

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