Friday, November 13, 2009

it's such an interesting...

...relationship with the people around us. in this field of work while one is considered 'free' as a self-employed, yet there must be a certain level of expectation involved from the manager.

expectation is a very subtle thought. it brings along the idea of what and how things 'should' be. expectations arise in almost every encounter in our daily activities, expressing in different ways. it is believed that without expectations nothing will run, and this thought has brought mankind to high levels and even 'higher' still.

in work and businesses, it is the basis for growth, for progression. standards have to be set for all in the game to follow. when expectations are met, there is growth and one goes on to the next level. when they are not met there is a lot of dis-ease which can vary in degree. and many a times this happens. for most of us are conditioned to set high expectations of our-selves, sometimes exceedingly. then when the outcomes of these endeavours fall short of expectation, the whole array of negative emotions arise, causing a spiral towards negativity.

in communications between two or more, expectations are omnipresent. there is an expectation of answers when questions are asked, there are expectations of behavior conforming to the environment or relationships, the whole list goes on and on and on. expectations shape the relationships.

of cos what's written here is just a hair bit of the immense daily experiences of expectations.

so combining all the expectations in work and relationships, it is no wonder that there is so much dissatisfaction.

then how? (haha we like to ask this)

to be free, we will have to look within and realize the true nature of mind. and bring this realization to the everyday activities. then in carrying out the daily activities there can be a sense of balance without getting caught in the turbulent waves. the only path pointing towards this freedom is that of cultivating mindfulness. expectations will continue to be part of every aspect of this life, and the direct understanding, not the anihilition of such thoughts (expectations are also just thoughts) will lead to freedom.

practice mindfulness. bring mindfulness to expectations, and to everything we do, down to the very intention of reading this post. mentally take note as we read ( imagine a thought bubble saying 'reading, reading, reading'). bring this mindfulness to every minute and every second of our life, noting all the thoughts ( of past and future, thats where expectations stem), feelings and physical sensations. and all these while still carrying out the roles and duties of our everyday life, together with the expectations that come along with it.  :)

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