Tuesday, November 3, 2009

meditation - a short note (1)

geis first started meditation in oct 2007 after going through several tumultous events spanning 2 years (more on that in the future when the conditions arise). he started out with the practice of breathing excercises, noticing the breath--> distracting thoughts arise--> noticing the thoughts --> brings attention back to breath again and again.

at the same time, a book from borders picked him up, < Coming To Our Senses > by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and he chanced upon the buddhist forum in sgforum. and the readings somehow gave meaning to the experience.

hmmm the first taste of practice is good.

" it's called the principle of favouribility.when u play cards the first time you are almost sure to win. beginner's luck". "because there is a force that wants you to realize your destiny; it whets your appetite with a taste of success."  < The Alchemist> by Paulo Coelho.

meditation is definitely not for the faint-hearted. it opens the path where we will be forced to face our deepest feelings. for one who has the courage to start the practice, it will also be the only way towards awakening.

there will be benefits as well as hindrances in practice, as geis has discovered along the way. and slips can happen, throwing the practitioner back into the dark. the usual suspects of fear and greed are at play here, and all stemming from the ego.

it is therefore crucial that no matter what life we are leading, what issues we have on hand, what pleasant relationships we are enjoying, that we put all these down and take our seat for awhile everyday. for it's the only way we can maintain our balance in this roller coaster ride.

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