Friday, November 27, 2009


some food for thought.

the world is constantly changing. we hear this all the time and know this as a fact of life. and in work particularly we always advocate change as well as moving with changes ( just weeks ago was telling the consultants that the market is changing haha). tendencies are we know the need to accept and move with change and yet at the same time we are subconciously resistant to changes.

mickey and geis always have discussions about how we wished consultants will change their work habits, lifestyles, even aspects of their personalities ( WTB more EQ hehe WoW lingo). yet at the same time we display confusion and even intolerance when presented with a change.

just this week mickey was saying this to geis:

mickey: eh u know to reach out to mel better u have to be back to ur old self, u have to go out and get pissed drunk with him, get him to feel u r the old geis again.

hmmmm interesting

the hardest change to accept is probably that in a person, with the emotions and memories and interaction and what other mumbo jumbo all coming into play forming this perceived personalities we have of our-selves.

there's also a subtle contradiction, one that we conveniently ignore or cover over. for perhaps the greatest fear anyone can have is that of change.

so change or don't change haha

doesn't really matter isn't it?

oh well, time to plan a drinking session with mel :)

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