Saturday, February 26, 2011

Right View

my post in on the right view of Anatta.

just half a cent worth.
the term used commonly, no-self, will be discerned differently.
on the literal front, it points to the annihilation of the self; the non-existence of a person. this is the view of the logic mind, and the subjective view is the basis from which such an understanding arises. 
when the process is first seen, there is a sense of detachment from phenomena, in the form of a witness observing the arising and falling. 
onwards, it is observed that even the witness is just a mirage, dependently arisen from the different thoughts that arised, in turn arisen from the conditions that are present. there's a sense of freedom in knowing and allowing the sense of self to come and go. sometimes this sense stays longer, depending on what we're doing on hand, as well as the habitual tendencies. but generally the view can be 'accessed' with ease.
in a sense, one can intuit that the sense of self is already no-self, in all aspects of the language.
feel free to add pointers, correct this view if it's wrong.

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