Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3D Stereograms

I remember there was a period of time during youth that these 3D stereograms were a big hit in Singapore. Almost everyone was obsessed with collecting these posters, and learning to see through these posters. Once one is able to see through the posters, the picture will reveal a 3 dimensional shape.

There's an uncanny similarity in meditation practice. With the practice of insight meditation, be it vipassana or through self-inquiry, the mind will reveal its different layers on its own accord. These layers have such a profound effect that is way beyond comprehension, yet they are just the mind revealing itself, just like the same poster revealing a 3D shape.

Practice makes perfect (although perfection is a myth really), with more practice we can see the 3D shapes more consistently. With more practice we can open up the mind and its layers.

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  1. I had exactly the same thought! Seeing something that is already there - a tiny shift in perspective making a huge change in how we see the world, and everything just as ordinary as it was before. I even had the subject on a list of things to blog about some day. Glad I came across yours first! Deep bows. _/\_