Sunday, January 2, 2011

Enlightenment and the Self - Part 1

Enlightenment and the Self - Part 1

Dean's clearly written article on the topic of enlightenment and its relation to the self. The clarity in his article is amazing with the use of apt analogies.

His point on the ocean water analogy brings to me memories of a particular day a few weeks back.
Was driving in a moderate rain one morning when a curious observation of the windscreen arises a stark realization. There was this big blob of rainwater rolling down the top of the windscreen, and as it rolls along drips of smaller droplets were left behind in its trail. Spontaneously this question arises 'Are these droplets the same as and a part of the big blob? Or are they separate and different from the big blob as they are appearing to be?' Then almost split second the intuit of consciousness, awareness or whatever else we wanna call it takes on a different sensation! Soon after this encounter, the sense of self is seen for what it really is.

IT will continue to manifest, bringing along with it the sensations of desires and fears, but it's alright, for the sense of self is by nature self-less and it's drives merely an interplay of conditions. With this realization, actions will still be taken but there is no actor, thoughts will still arise but there is no thinker.

As Shunryu Suzuki Roshi says "It is wisdom which is seeking for wisdom". Self is already self-less in nature.

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