Saturday, January 1, 2011

Black Swan

First a Happy 2011 celebration to all. Learn from the lessons of the past and live in the fullness of the moment.

Wonderfully dark movie. One that touches base with the inner psyche where most of us build a wall around and imprison for much of our lives unknowingly. An intense psycho-thriller that explores what the world looks like in the eyes of being exposed to these inner psyche.

Desire and Fear. one cannot exist without the other and both only manifest in the realm of the mind. When what we normally experience in real life starts to warp and be overwhelmed by these train of thoughts, reality becomes questionable. The norm is to classify such experiences as schizophrenic, a psychiatric disorder, and impose a stigma on the person. A closer look, one that requires guts and immense openness, suggests that the conditions for such experiences arise to everyone everyday. In fact, our normal experience of this 'real world' would qualify everyone as schizophrenic in nature.

To realize our potential in our roles in this human life, we have to be honest, brutally, with these inner psyches and not lock them up. There is this need, and it's not just for the spiritual well-being, for these inner currents drive the ways we respond and live this life. It has a spillover effect on our perception and balance of our everyday roles to play. It's time to cut through the veil and remove the separateness that we have been believing to be a part of our existence.

On a lighter note, Natalie Portman has been my favourite for most gorgeous actress since her Star Wars days. Her performance this time round is impeccable, truly deserving the Oscar Award.

The Black Swan is within all of us, and is dependently arised with the White Swan. None can exist without the other nor be removed without the other being removed. Let this be known.

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