Friday, October 30, 2009

what's the best way to start?

assume the best way to start off this blog is by explaining the title. yet there is still a feeling of dissatisfaction.. no feeling of 'oomph', no feeling of 'waaaaahhhh' to match the immensity of such a title. sounds so cheem (profound) it would probably take a million years for one to use the thinking faculty to decipher the message.

what is this all about? in a nutshell this is about living, realizing the mind, and the experiences of everyday life.

so conditioned are we in this colourful world that we are lost, that we continue to seek the meaning of it all. we take everything we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel as 'real' and give everything an inherent identification, resulting in a sense of separation between 'me and you', 'this and that', 'dogs and cats'. not just that, every occurrence seems to be either 'going our way' or 'not going our way', creating huge rifts in our feelings about the ongoings in this life; a moment we can be in 9th heaven and the next the deepest depth of hell.

the list goes on. thats life we say. or is it really?

where does this direct us to? who really am 'i' and what is 'my' purpose in this life?

(where, who, what are the 3 most commonly used directives in the thinking faculty. not to forget how and the infamous WHY :) )

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