Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nonsensical Blabbering

happened in office between geis and mickey yesterday. (just an extract and translated mostly from mandarin, cannot remember all details haha)

geis: which comes first, chicken or egg?

mickey: last time i think it can be either. but now i know its chicken.

geis: WAH, how u know its chicken?

mickey: cos there is a report and scientist have discovered the oldest fossil of the ancestors of chickens but not the fossils of egg shells. so it has been scientifically proven that chicken comes first.

geis: then how do u know these scientist are right? so ur basing this knowledge on the authority of these scientist?

mickey: of cos these scientist have the authority, and they have the evidence of the fossil. just as day is day and night is night.

geis: yah and whoever who first declared day is called 'day' could well have been bitten by an insect just at that moment and said 'OW' instead, then for thousands of years we will know 'day' as 'OW', isn't it?

blah blah blah (cannot remember :) ).

mickey: just like u believe in all those fa lun stuff, isn't it also based on some form of authority?

geis: eh, please do not equate the teachings as fa lun, they are not the same.

(mickey links everything that is buddhism to fa lun gong which is a misunderstanding, the teachings geis is referring to is dharma)

mickey: and who dictates the difference? what authority is there to say they are different?

again blah blah blah.

at this point beebee came into mickey's room and interrupted, asking if we have snacks. mickey complained to her geis has made him vomit blood.

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