Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Blabbering

Been very busy with work lately that I wasn't even able to start reading the books that I bought months ago. All this striving for sales and recruitment is so feeding the mind with poisons haha, better be balancing with some Dharma reads.

Lately had a brief conversation with a friend who practices yoga and felt relieved. Through the past 4 years the only places where I could talk (write) about meditative experiences and insights are here and sgforums, hardly was there anyone in my circles whom I could have a decent conversation on these. While it's true that everyone walks alone in this journey of discovery, sometimes it's good to be able to speak insanity with a fellow insane, so to speak haha. 

Time stand still so fast we're into Christmas again, still feel the same longing as usual . Was having dinner with my buddies 2 nights back at Orchard and took some pictures of the Christmas lighting, really wonderful lighting this year. And the crowd, amazing how this festive season always draws so many people to Orchard. Likewise this year I hope that Christmas can be a festive season for everyone who's suffering around the world. 

Take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. 

May all be well and happy. 

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