Saturday, October 9, 2010


When it comes to matters of the mind, most are fearful.

The issue with the reaction ‘don’t screw with my mind’ does not lie in the screwing, it lies in the ‘my’. I am afraid that if enough ‘screwing’ is done, the mind won’t be able to take all these emotional upheavals anymore and be uncontrollable. It won’t be mine anymore.

The truth beneath is: probably it isn’t in the first place. It is just mind, with no one to belong to. Only processes of interactions that create this illusion, and millions around the world living in this illusion waiting to be awakened.

Some mistaken that to know the mind requires abandoning all that is present in the current life: our families, our work, our dreams, our aspirations and goals. And with this, delays with the reason it’s not time yet, I still have commitments to fulfill.  It need not be, and it should not be. For it is here in the very things that is happening in this life, that the understanding can be unraveled, experienced and matured.

The experience takes a turn to become richer and more colorful, as the grasping of the untamed mind is released; we pay more attention to what is present. The life is lived more fully, with a calm acceptance of all that comes into it as well as all that leaves from it.

So there is freedom, it’s always been.

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