Monday, September 27, 2010

Aftermath of chaos

August and September 2010 shall go down as the most turbulent 2 months in my work life. Although the light is visible now as we approach the end of the tunnel, what has been experienced shall serve as a reminder that the 3 poisons of desires, aversion and delusion will always creep up unnoticed. Previous experiences has brought back the dharma into this life, and fortunately the practice has served well during these tough times, as im able to continue to breathe freely in the midst of the chaos.

The price we have to pay for our endeavors may escalate beyond our control. The pain caused to people may also cause imprints that will take lifetimes to resolve. And after going through one big cycle, the temporary relief of our personal problems will only open the door to invite new ones to enter. It may well seems like we have benefited, but in reality is it really the case? The endless cycles of samsara beckons, unless we break free and come into realization of our true nature.

There is much sadness in this, yet balanced with a feeling of hope. These are but emotions that will pass, but only if we open our hearts.

Nature of life is impermanent, and things will go in the best way that befits the conditions present. If friendships are to be lost in this episode, let it go in the best possible way. In this heart the friendship lives on though, together with the memories of the good times as well as the bad. But this too shall pass, and there will be letting go, for that is the law of impermanence.

At this point, I wish my friends a happy life. One that is filled with blessings, compassion, peace and happiness. And to again share my favorite quote.

"IT’S POSSIBLE TO DO GOOD and equally possible to do harm, and so we’re stuck with the necessity of choice and consequence. And no choice can ever be encompassing and conclusive because the moment is a movement and requires continual adaptation and adjustment. We can faithfully adhere to a precept, and yet end up doing irreparable harm. We can never trace the ultimate consequence of our choices, but it’s safe to conclude that whatever we decide to do will be fraught with certain error and fall short of the best intent."

May we be happy always.

With metta.

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